10 Ketogenic Diet Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Instagram is fast become the best blogging platform on social media.  It’s a great way of sharing stories and getting your message out there.  I personally like to use it for motivation, recipe ideas and the occasional photo you find on your camera roll after a night out.


half an avocado with tuna and tomato on topI’m in awe at how good some peoples photo’s are and the quality of their picture galleries… very creative indeed!

If you’re not on it yet, do yourself a huge favour and create an account.  Select people to follower carefully as mixed messages of your own journey can be confusing.

To help you get started here’s a list of The Top 10 Ketogenic Diet instgammers You Need To Follow:

  1. Suzanne Ryan naturally lost 110lbs on a ketogenic diet and has a very moving story she shares on instagram.  Her weight loss journey has left her with excess skin which she has just decided to have surgery to remove it.  I always think its very brave of people to post photos of themselves pre-op showing the world parts of their body they dislike so much that surgery is their only option.  Especially with all the trolling that goes on.  As far as I can see from her instagram she has a lot of love from her followers.  I have huge respect for her.
  2. Tessa Seward is a health, fitness, wellness, foodie lover from London.  I love her page as it features fitness as well as food. Her gallery of photos is really motivating.
  3. Deliciously Legal is a wonderful page of lots of alternative goodness to naughty treats and desserts, they look amazing.  The photography is very cool too..  You’ll get lots of recipe ideas here.
  4. Paleo Diet and Fitness is a blogger and author.  You will find recipes and lots of dinner ideas here.
  5. Ketogenic Recipes As it says in the name, a page dedicated to providing you ketogenic recipes. You’ll soon discover how to jazz up your meals and add some cool combinations.
  6. Katherine Salom A happy, fun instagrammer with lots of pictures of her workouts and fitness adventures.
  7. Martina Has a page full of ‘pretty’ food.  Her books and apps she’s devised is a good indication how passionate she is to her lifestyle.
  8. Ketogenic Kitchen Another recipe page that has lots of easy to make meals and ideas for snack time
  9. Leanne Vogel A nice page with inspiring post, quotes and pictures.  She also has a podcast explaining what the keto diet is.
  10. Ketogenic2thefullest Takes a slightly different angle on this lifestyle because he is a male and eats a lot of meat and protein.  You can expect photos of his food and muscles!  Everyones a winner!

So there you have it.  Another way to keep your health and fitness journey successful.  I should stress that my Instagram is also ketogenic foods.

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