Fitness Spotlight March 2017

After the weekend I’ve had, all I can say is today feels like the comedown from the high.  The combination of exercise, sweat, laughter, shenanigans and fabulous company was the perfect cocktail to a cracking Fitness Fiesta at Hinkley Island in Leicester. Despite not seeing daylight for 2 days, I […]

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New Mum Abdominal Workout

Your precious bundle of joy has arrived and you’re a proud new Mum enjoying the delights of maternity leave, baby clinics and new social groups you are a part of. All your attention is focused on your baby and suddenly after a few months of feeding and changing nappies, your subconscious […]

female holding a baby on her legs

female crawling like a bear

8 Pre Party Season Exercises

As December approaches and the party frock is making an appearance, rather than buy magic pants than squash your internal organs, here are 8 of the most effective exercises to help you feel super slick in your dress this Christmas.   The Sumo Squat You’ve seen how a sumo wrestler […]

What Is NEAT?

Can Increasing Your NEAT Make Your Jeans Fit Better?  It really can, but what is NEAT and how can you increase it? NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.  Basically how active you are when you’re not exercising. If you analyse your lifestyle and notice that you drive to work, sit […]

How Pilates Works

I always like to ask people who’ve never done Pilates before what their opinion is of it.  Often the response is ‘relaxing and stretch based exercises’ or ‘a bit like yoga’.  I find the perception of this technique fascinating and quite random from one person to another. Ultimately it’s down […]