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The Best Hot Cross Buns Ever!

Not only are these the best Hot Cross Buns you’ll make this Easter, they’re also healthier than shop bought ones and small enough to pop in whole without over indulging! Paleo Hot Cross Buns Ingredients 300g ground almonds pinch sea salt 1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda (or baking powder) 1/4 cup […]

The Power Of Protein For Fat Loss

This important macronutrient raises concerns for my female clients quite a lot in my coaching groups.  Maybe it’s perceived as something men drink after they’ve been lifting weighs in the gym and scares ladies into thinking they’re going to ‘bulk up’ and look like hulk hogan in a few weeks. This really isn’t […]

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National Detox Month

January has certainly earned it’s name for being National Detox Month after December seems to have been one big party. My kitchen is still full of selection boxes, Christmas cake and evidence of all the frolics in the form of cocktails and snowballs.  No surprise after all the excess in December, it […]

Saturated Fat – Likey Or No Likey? 1

It’s forever going to be held responsible for heart disease, clogging your arteries and raising cholesterol.  But is it really to blame? Health organisations would argue yes it is and you should follow a low fat diet, eat whole grains, lean meat and fruit and vegetables.  However, this theory has no evidence to suggest saturated fat […]

Do Calories Matter?

Counting calories is NOT the solution to long term weight loss I was listening to the news last week about calories and how many are in the food we eat.  The journalist was reporting from a coffee shop and asking people in the que if they had any idea how many calories were […]

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