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Combat Your Pelvic Floor Weakness

Managing Those Oops Moments – Why bladder weakness isn’t an embarrassment, and how to cope. You may know the feeling, laughing with your friends, a sudden coughing fit, or you are exercising, maybe on the trampoline with the kids, and you realise you’re suffering from stress incontinence. There is no […]

Newsletter 26th July 2016

Hello school holidays!  I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I love the 6 week break and having Charlie around more.  Like lots of you our annual holiday is approaching and time to take a much needed break.  But is fitness still on the agenda?  Yeah for me it […]

Pilates & Pregnancy

Many women want to continue to exercise during pregnancy, but are concerned that physical exertion could cause harm to their unborn baby and indeed themselves. However, exercise is safe during your pregnancy and can help reduce pregnancy symptoms such as swollen feet, back pain and tiredness. Benefits Of Pilates During […]

Weight Loss V’s Fat Loss

I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve discussed this topic, probably more times than I’ve gone for a run…. Yet it still rears it’s ugly head. Hopefully with this blog post I’m going to try and put it to bed and urge you ladies… and men, but more so […]