Diamond Pilates

New Dimensions Fitness Studio offers Diamond Pilates classes in Northampton. Learn more about Diamond Pilates:

Diamond Pilates takes a functional approach to Pilates and targets pelvic floor weakness.

Pelvic floor weakness affects a wide spectrum of the population from young to old, from fit and active to the unfit, from gymnasts to body builders and across both sexes. YES men do have pelvic floors. Poor posture, inactivity, obesity and high impact exercise can all have an adverse effect to the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) or Kegel exercises have been proven by institutions such as the World Health Organisation to be effective in the treatment of pelvic floor weakness. Pilates exercises is an ideal way to improve pelvic floor health to many who find this an embarrassing and highly distressing condition,

Benefits are not exclusive to those with weak pelvic floors added gains are to be had in the bedroom department with the slogan “Stay stronger for longer” an interest to men and happier times with women achieving better orgasms. What’s not to like!

The feedback we received from the workshop was that the session was very informative and beneficial, plus having the knowledge to do regular exercises at home along with a 6 week course was really useful!

With this in mind we are launching a 6 week in intensive Diamond Pilates course for the introductory price of £60 on Friday 9th June