Do You Need Help Losing Weight?
Are you somebody that struggles with losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting the right work-life balance? 
This is an aspect of health that many females struggle with and can leave you feeling exhausted at times, especially if you aren't seeing any results from your efforts.
I want you to know you don't have to feel like this anymore.
Imagine yourself 12 months from now.  You have a new found confidence, are making healthy choices that enhances every area of your life.  You feel great in your clothes and energy radiates from you.  Finally you believe in your abilities and have knowledge, guidance and support in your health and fitness journey.

It all starts by taking the first step and completing your application form below. 

I encourage you to be as honest as possible in identifying your struggles, barriers and challenges, so we can really drill down on what has been preventing you from achieving your goals before.  

As a 'Thank You' for reaching out to us today, I will send you a copy of my 5 Step Fat Loss Formula completely FREE!
Let's Take A Closer Look At 3 Key Areas That Are Crucial To Achieving Results And Maintaining Them Long-Term 
Identifying how your own mind works and becoming aware of who you really are. Your habit loops and choices are the cornerstones to addressing your behaviours and routines.
Exercise and Movement
Being active and training correctly ensures you're getting the most out of your workouts. Discover how to accelerate fat loss and reach your fitness goals.
Discover the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats specific for you and your activity levels.
Low calorie diets are not the solution to weight loss and can hinder your fat loss goals.
  • Balance your meals with quick and easy recipes 
  •  Break through bad habits
  •  Add exercise into your busy day 
  •  Manage stress and prioritise yourself

"The programme has helped me to become more positive and to believe in my own self worth, the encouragement from other members has really enhanced Sharon's coaching and guidance" ~ Karina 
"More than just exercise and dietary advice, and nothing like a corporate gym! Sharon supports, cajoles, inspires and yes, will scold if needed - in an environment which is so much fun and so positive you don't realise how hard you are working! This programme will make you reflect on who you are and focus on who you want to be , with Sharon there to support and encourage you every step of the way." ~ Eileen 
"Fit Focused Female has totally helped with my mind set, has made me reflect and make decisions,and being open and honest to complete strangers has helped me clear my head a little, thank you" ~ Natasha 
"This programme has helped me massively on losing the baby weight and feeling better about myself with the added bonus of meeting some new fabulous ladies on the way , plus Sharon is an amazing coach and mentor . Thank you " ~ Angela 
"This journey has helped me remember who I am, I'm not just Mum but me. I have had lots of encouragement from everyone in the private Facebook group, tips/recipes/HIIT workouts. Sharon is always contactable also. My fitness has improved, which I love and all from the comfort of my living room!" ~ Lisa
"This programme has helped me to refocus and get my mindset back on track. In addition- and importantly- with the support of others also on their own FFF journey. 

Thank you " ~ Filomena
See How Other Females Are Achieving Their Health and Fitness Goals.
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