Fitness Spotlight March 2017

After the weekend I’ve had, all I can say is today feels like the comedown from the high.  The combination of exercise, sweat, laughter, shenanigans and fabulous company was the perfect cocktail to a cracking Fitness Fiesta at Hinkley Island in Leicester.

Despite not seeing daylight for 2 days, I can honestly say the variety of sessions, facilities and entertainment were ultra convenient all being under one roof.  Who’d of thought you could tally up 28,000 steps in just 1 day!

It has been 6 years since I attended the last one, so I was intrigued to see what has changed in the fitness industry, if anything, and if there was anything new to bring to the studio.  Interestingly, some of the same sessions were on the timetable like Richard Callenders Armageddon, Zumba, spinning and Les Mills, and the consensus of our group was that the session enjoyed most was Armageddon. (See video below)

There are no frills to this type of training, just good old fashioned multi joint exercises that hurt and do one thing – give results.  Just like circuit training was back in the 80’s, you did an exercise for a period of time (45 seconds according to Richard Callender, but we all know the “instructor 45 seconds” is more like 2 minutes) then move onto the next station.

The balance of upper body, lower body, core and cardio intervals were just right and crazy as it sounds, the bear crawls were quite refreshing after the wall sit!

As you can see from the video clip it was packed, intense, yet easy to hide, so what kept us working so hard?  The threat of the naughty step or something more evil…. a bit like our burpee bell.  Maybe this is why we liked it the most, because it was just like the type of training we already do.

Have choreographed classes had their day?

I’d like to think not as I look at the calorie burn on my iwatch for an hour step class, however, looking at what clients want in return for their hard work and valuable time, then maybe so.  It really does depend on what your goals are.

The active lifestyle approach is becoming easier for people to implement with the use of apps and technology.  Having a busy life means you can fit 20-30 minutes intense exercise in each day and it be really effective.  This leaves choreographed classes like step to a niche of people who pick the moves up quickly and have the time to travel to a venue and participate.

Zumba, clubbercise and dance classes are really fun and will attract people who find exercise a chore.  You can go along with your mates, have a crack and leave all sweaty.  Beats sitting on the couch and will release the happy hormones for sure.

Pilates, yoga and stretch sessions are all still as popular as ever.  Just because you don’t move or sweat as much in these classes doesn’t mean they’re a waste of time, in fact quite the opposite.  Taking a holistic approach to stress release and mental health is just as important as the other aspects of wellbeing you commit yourself to.  Making some time each day to stretch and release your muscles will benefit your older self massively.  Having suffered from piriformis syndrome recently, I can’t stress this enough.  The lack of movement is far more restricting for normal daily activities than not being able to run for a period of time.

If you take anything away from reading this blog post, I hope that it is whatever exercise you are doing, there is a certainly a connection to endorphin release, increased energy, reduced stress and a sense of wellbeing that is hard to ignore.  As hard as it may be to implement physical training when you’re in a dark place or suffering from anxiety, or depression, the benefits far outweigh the negatives and in time will certainly help reduce psychological symptoms.

sweaty exercise selfies