Newsletter 16th February 2016

This week is very exciting as my first ebook is going to be published! The Fat Burning Bible has been updated and contains more up to date research than when I first introduced it to the VIP Body Transformation Programme. It is going to be the first of many books as I received some great question during my research. This ebook covers topics related to fat loss like the main food groups, your body type, hormones and the role they play for fat loss, hydration and motivational strategies and mindset. It also includes a nutritional plan with a detox, information on intermittent fasting and the cheat meal formula I use with all my clients, plus a 4 week recipe book.

My 2nd ebook is going to be ‘how to eat clean as a family and stay within a budget’. This subject comes up a lot but felt I needed to address the science behind fat loss first before I could cover this subject. Then I will go on to do a more sports specific one for the athletes.

I have loved writing and researching for my first book, it will be available to purchase from ibooks, amazon kindle, nook and other various ebook stores. Once the release date is confirmed I will send an email out.

If you’re unsure if the ebook is what you’re looking for, you can register for my live webinar for free and listen in to learn how to burn fat by eating nutrient dense food. No more yoyo diets, calories counting, adding up points or drinking diet milkshakes. Just real food, the best exercise for fat loss and self motivation.
Sport Relief 2016
We have reached 356.5 miles and £240 raised for sport relief so far, THANK YOU! We’re slightly under target as some members are needing rest days due to over training, therefore only 96 miles were completed last week. As you can see this really is a tough challenge and we’re enduring some bitter windy runs for our warm up before session. From the studio door, down the long drive to Holcot lane and back is exactly 1 mile and we have taken some sponsorship money for running it in the weight vest. Any suggestions you may have for our warm up mile will be greatly received as the variety and challenge is needed.

We would love you to support us if you can with a small donation to help us reach our target of £1000. This just a £1 per mile and will make all the difference to sport relief. Any amount you can give is much appreciated.

Post Exercise Refuel
How important do you think your post training refuel is? Think about what you’ve just put your body through. Your energy will be low, muscles depleted and trying to repair. It’s one of the most important snacks you should prepare, especially if you’re training again the following day. You need to give your body what it needs to progress and recover, yet so many people skip or don’t plan for this refuel. Imagine going to work and not earning any money, that’s like forgetting your refuel. Why put so much energy into training but nothing into recovery? It’s vital to put the essential nutrients back into your body if you want to see results.

Here’s my best recommendations for post workout refuels:

Protein – The amino acids in protein are the building blocks for growth and repair (exactly what you need after you’ve just blasted out a workout) It’s crucial to get protein in during this 30-40 minute anabolic window of recovery. If you don’t, muscle fibres slowly heal back to their original state. No-one wants to train for no gains, do they?

What protein is best?

You’ll need approx 25g of protein after a workout and due to the 30-40 minute window you have to consume it I would suggest a whey protein shake is best. You can have solid food if you prefer but the benefit of liquid is it doesn’t need to be broken down and can be absorbed instantly in the small intestines. I know vegetarians may struggle here but you do have options on a plant based protein powder instead of whey.


Most of your carbohydrate stores are going to be depleted so it’s a good idea to get some carbs in here too. You’ll have a spike in cortisol (stress) hormone, so I would avoid fruit as the sugar content will elevate insulin (cortisol and insulin released together promote fat storage). An option is to throw in some oats into your protein drink, or if you have the facility to make a shake using a nutribullet, then I recommend courgette or spinach. Some food alternatives are boiled eggs or cashew nuts if you prefer.

And Finally…
Thought Of The Week…
“Optimism is the most important human trait, because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and to hope for a better tomorrow.” ~ Seth Godin