Newsletter 26th April 2016

As we swing into the last week off April, I’m still on cloud 9 from my recent trip to Barcelona. I love this city and their relaxed attitude to tourism. I couldn’t help but notice how fitness really is a way of life and has a ‘no excuse’ kind of approach to it. There were several bootcamps taking place on the beach and exercise stations in place for people to use freely. It seems a way of life that is normal with runners jogging around the beach front and along the busy streets. You just don’t see it that much in our cities or seaside towns. In England it seems to be such a chore for a huge population and I believe it’s because people lead such busy lives they think they have no time for it… but everyone does. It’s about prioritising and keeping to the plan.


Making Time For You
How to achieve the balance of a hectic life without fail. It’s simple, you just have to plan it and most importantly stick to it.

There’s no fun in work and no play. I am a true believer if you work hard you should be able to take the time out to do the things you enjoy. We are the master of our destiny and if you don’t like your lifestyle currently, you have the power to change it.

Really evaluate what is stopping you from spending quality time with your family, working out, socialising with friends or eating badly. Is it lack of preparation, motivation, planning, inspiration, knowledge or focus? If it’s any of those, the good thing is you can change it.

The solution is simple but the journey will be more challenging, especially if you want to change most of the things I’ve listed above.

Here’s a guide to help you get started;

  • Schedule your workouts in your diary like they’re meetings. Do not cancel them – bosses never cancel meetings.
  • If work is heavy and you’re overloaded, try to delegate either to another colleague or outsource it.
  • Prioritise – Is choosing work over yourself pushing you closer to your goal?
  • Decide on how important or urgent work matters are? Can they wait until the following day while you prepare dinner for later?
  • Create meal plans for the week ahead. Buy all the ingredients and prepare them beforehand.
  • Set grocery shopping to be delivered weekly and create a favourites list so you can add the items into your basket easily.
  • Incorporate activity into routines you already have. Can you walk or cycle to work/school run/shop?
  • Arrange a meal out with your partner or friends. At the end of that meal arrange the next one while everyone is there.
  • Turn of electronic devices like laptops, tablets and phones at night.
  • The screen acts like daylight and messes with your natural sleep pattern.
  • Drink plenty of water. Sometimes your body gets confused with thirst and hunger, so reach for the water more frequently and you should feel more energised and alert.

Did you know if you write down your goals and read them everyday, you have more chance of reaching them? If you want change you have to create change. Doing the same thing over and over again gives you the same results over and over again. If you change nothing, nothing changes.

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Trend Forecast
I’m predicting functional fitness and quick bursts of activity will still be top of the agenda for summer 2016. It certainly holds it’s place well and it’s perfect for busy individuals. However, don’t rule out the basic exercises we’ve been doing for years. You know like, squats, lunges, pull ups, press ups and sit ups. They may seem boring but they give results. Take a look at body builders – They have the leanest physiques and the majority of their exercises are back to basics.

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And Finally…
Thought Of The Week “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie