Are You Ready For Summer?

legs in the seaThe sun’s out, summer is on the horizon and, naturally, it’s that time of year when you think about summer dresses, tan lines, pretty tops and shorts and getting out more.  Like many of us, our beach bodies are still in hibernation mode from winter!  More sofa ready then surf ready!

After a winter of dark nights and comfort food, you can start to feel a little sluggish come Spring.  If you are preparing for a Summer wedding, beach holiday or just the significant reduction in the amount of clothing you need to wear (and bare) during the warmer weather, you may not feel you have the body you want (and are proud of) at present.

I’m pretty sure most females give themselves a hard time when it comes to beach wear and going on holiday (me included!)  This was the main reason behind creating the 30 day Summer Slimdown.  My focus with this programme is to enable positive change rather than comparing yourself to bikini models on glossy magazines.  We live in a competitive world of social media selfies portraying the perfect body along with the perfect life.  The approach I have taken with this programme is to give you all the resources you need to be proactive about your health, thoughts and actions.  My duty as a female is to empower other females to live a healthy lifestyle,  Naturally once this has been put in place clients experience fat loss, increased energy, slimmer bodies and better health.
I understand, one of the biggest challenges most of us face when embarking on any fitness programme is mustering up the motivation to get going.  It can be extremely difficult to even know where to begin, particularly for people who work long hours, or work from home and are not members of a local gym or studio. The first step towards success, however, is making the decision that you want to change. The good news is that during the Summer, the longer days and increased sunlight make it easier for you to work towards your goals. Sunlight triggers the release of vitamin D and serotonin in the body, a natural combination to boost your mood, so whenever you get outside and exercise, it will give you a great feeling as well as building your fitness.

Eating a healthy diet is so much easier at this time of year too.  Pop into any supermarket and you will see an abundance of seasonal vegetables , salads and fruits full of flavour and vitamins while avoiding the calories of heavy carbs we all crave during the wintery days. Nothing beats some grilled salmon or halloumi on a bed of fresh baby leaves with a balsamic dressing out in the garden on a balmy evening!

So where do you start when you want to slimdown for Summer?

I’m offering you the chance to join my exclusive 30 day Summer Slimdown online programme.  You will gain access to all the materials you need to keep you on track for the entire month…. Plus you have access to it forever and can refer back to if needed.  There will always be help keep you motivated, giving you plenty of ideas, and bespoke support based on your individual needs

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