Stop Chasing Other Peoples Goals

It’s a little bit of an assumption when writing that title, but I have seen so many people make mistakes when it comes to setting goals and deciding on a workout plan, so I thought I would offer some helpful advise to save you time and money in the long run.

  1. You know what you’ve tried and failed with in the past.  If you have joined a gym and found excuses not to go, then chances are by joining a different gym the same thing will happen.  Often I see people take the same route when embarking on a fitness plan and fail each time because results aren’t being met and motivation is non existent.
  2. Decide exactly what it is you want.  You will need to do some homework here by setting some time aside to actually think about this.  Opening the latest copy of a fitness magazine and deciding you want to look like the model on the front cover isn’t gonna cut it.  Remember these are YOUR goals and they need to be realistic.  Yes many people would love to pose in a bikini wearing a hat and shades, me included, but if you have to alter your life so drastically and miss all the things you love then it isn’t going to make you happy, nor will it be sustainable.
  3. Accepting you are you.  Trying to be like somebody else will take you on a journey down a path that isn’t for you.  Being inspired by others is different but trying to be them is the wrong move.  Keep your road ahead clear and avoid the distractions that may pull you off track along the way.
  4. Make each training session count.  If you’re just showing up and putting no thought or grit into the workout then chances are you’re either bored, not inspired or doing what you think you should.  Either way, these training sessions are numbered.
  5. Find people with similar goals.  Spending time with others that have similar goals and the same attitude as you is key.  Your environment influences your behaviour, so being surrounded by positive and motivating people, means you’re likely to behave in that manner too.  Even if one of you isn’t feeling it on the odd occasion, the rest of your network will lift you up.
  6. Hire a professional.  Like you would if you were getting your hair cut, learning to ski or hiring a photographer.  Same thing with your health and fitness.  Seek advise, ask for recommendations or testimonials, most fitness trainers will be able to provide you with these.

Resent studies show that habits are triggered by a cue in your brain.  Just like when you get up in a morning and brush your teeth before leaving the house, the pattern is always the same and it’s unlikely you’ll forget to do this simple task.  Other behaviours are triggered in the same way.  Your brain receives the cue, you carry out the routine and you’re rewarded at the end.

Whether your habits are good or bad, this is the pattern that occurs.  To change from bad ones to good, simply replace the ‘routine’ part.  In terms of fitness, your cue to exercise is there, make the routine specific to you and mentally stimulating, the reward – motivation and achievement.

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