Strong Females Conquer Tough Mudder

One of the most notorious obstacle events, Tough Mudder hosted it’s last UK event of the year, London South.

Our team of 5 strong females finished bruised but proud from completing 8ft walls, mud crawls under barbed wire, dark water-filled tunnels, muddy rope pulls and the famous Arctic Enema (a slide into a skip of ice cold muddy water.)

The treacherous 10 mile route didn’t disappoint when it came to terrains. Unsurprisingly ankle sprains, falls and twisted knees were sustained, along with shoulder snags and some vomiting, but each mudder battled on and continued to bravely take on more obstacles.

Why would anyone put themselves through this?

I can only answer this from my own experience, and part of the Tough Mudder ethos which is, I overcome all fears.  There is a difference between physically not being able to do an obstacle, than mentally not being able to do it.  The one that messes with your head is the one you fear the most.  This is the one you know you must do.

Personally, out of the 6 Tough Mudders I’ve completed, this was my favourite.  The fact we were an all female team gave us extra self belief, especially when we hit the first wall and were able to pull ourselves up and climb over… (those strength sessions at the studio really paid off.)  By the time we reached the last obstacle we heaved a guy (who quite frankly, was the size of a wardrobe) over ‘pyramid scheme!’  Feeling slightly smug I refrained from kissing my guns and just commended the rest of the team instead.

Happily jogging to the finish line with the final jump in sight was made even better by the glowing sunshine and bottle of cider that was waiting.  The wounds incurred are now trophies of bravery, along with another famous headband to add to the collection.

Well done ladies #girlpower

Tough mudder London south