Trigger Point Pilates

New Dimensions Fitness Studio offers Tigger Point Pilates classes in Northampton. Learn more about trigger point pilates:

What is Trigger Point Pilates?

Trigger Point Pilates is aimed at anyone who suffers from repeated niggling injuries or have constant pain in their knees, backs, or neck. After a TPP class you can expect a feeling of lightness, being lengthened, freedom in your movement and a good night’s sleep..
Trigger Point Pilates aims to relieve pain and muscular tension using massage techniques combined with functional Pilates exercises. This program uses your own body weight along with equipment to bring about change in the fascia creating a soft tissue release. Exercises are taught in a specific order to gain maximum benefits as It takes time to work through different layers of fascia.

Join female personal trainer, Sharon Morrow, in her Trigger Point Pilates classes in Northampton today!

This 6 week course is launching at an introductory offer of £60 for the intense programme and commences on Monday 5th June at 12:15PM