What ‘Diet’ Is Best?

Have you noticed how many programmes on TV are covering lots of different diets to bring you information on which one is best?

weighing scales

It’s all petty confusing and consumers are left making a decision on either what suits their budget or how easy the change is to implement.

So how do you know if you’re making the right choice and if it will work for you?

This guide will give you up to date and factual information that I have used to coach my clients over the last 18 years.  Yes there will be a link to my coaching, so how is that different to the adverts I mention above?  Because I’m not promoting any brands, pyramid selling or endorsing any products.  The coaching I provide is a service that will give you results, like it has for my clients.  All I’m doing here is sharing my knowledge with you and pointing you in the right direction for optimal health, that includes becoming leaner, increased energy and more self confidence.

Firstly let’s start by addressing the scales and why every time you step on them you’re doing more harm than good.  Your weight ISN’T the way to monitor your progressions nor will it give you any specific information.  Imaging you’ve been working out really hard during January and you lose 2lb in body fat and gain 2lb in muscle.  This is a really good progression yet using the scales alone won’t show this.  The number will read the same and naturally you would think there has been no change.  This is the main reason why I question slimming clubs that solely use this method.  Not only is it inaccurate it’s completely giving the wrong message on longterm health.

Calorie counting is another debatable approach to wellness and I’m going to try and explain why.  While calorie consumption is important to a degree, I want you to understand that they aren’t the enemy and the more nutrient dense calories you consume the better.  For example, choosing a meal lower in calories isn’t necessarily healthier and doesn’t mean it’s better for you.  I refer back to slimming clubs that sell their own brand of cereal bars that are just 99 calories, is this a better option than an avocado that’s approximately 300 cals???  I’m hoping by the end of this post you’ll know the answer.

In all honesty the best ‘diet’ is no diet.  You do not need to add up points or go crazy on curly wurlys because they fit your daily syns.  All you need is food that’s unprocessed, healthy and nutritious, protein in every meal, essential fats and plenty of water.  Combine this with regular exercise and some stress relief like a sauna, spa, yoga or meditation and you’re on you’re way to good long term health.

Should I choose low fat?

No, because normally the fat has been removed and replaced with sugar or sweeteners.  Eating a diet high in fat isn’t unhealthy despite the constant marketing from companies for low fat products.  Take a read of the Beginners Guide To A High Fat Diet if you want more information on this.

Lastly, never skip meals.  Your body needs fuel to function as does your brain so it’s important you have an idea of what you’re going to be eating during the day.  Be prepared with snacks and lunches so you aren’t caught short and in need of a quick meal.  That’s when bad decisions are made.  Try to prepare your meals in advance and reduce your intake of certain toxins like gluten.  (These are foods containing wheat, barley and rye.)  They can increase inflammation in the body along with bloating and spiking blood sugar levels, not good for your energy or waistline as they encourage the release of insulin, your fat storing hormone.

I encourage you to discover foods that make you feel good and look at natural ways to be healthy.  Buying slimming shakes and weight loss plans aren’t the solution to long term health and you’ll find yourself yo-yoing from one to another.  Let’s stop the madness today!

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