Semi-Private PT

Why Choose Semi-Private PT?

There are several benefits of choosing Semi-Private Personal Training so let me start with the background of the service and how it can benefit you.

females holding a weight and doing sit ups

As a Personal Trainer the majority of my clients had similar goals.  The primary being weight loss, fat loss and becoming firmer and leaner, so I decided to create an environment where I could offer this type of training session for groups of up to 8 people.

The benefits of this to my clients were they got to train more frequently.  I was previously only able to offer clients 1 private session a week due to availability, particularly in the evenings.

Consistency is crucial for achieving results so offering a semi-private service means clients can book in several times a week and achieve their goals quicker.

Members train with other like-minded members that encourage, motivate and support each other daily.  When you embark upon a New Dimensions Fitness programme you’re entering a training regime that becomes a lifestyle.


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