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sharon morrow

Sharon Morrow is a Female Personal Trainer from Northampton who has helped clients transform their life for over 2 decades.

Sharon established New Dimensions Fitness in 2000 after recognising her purpose to serve more people throughout their health and fitness journey.  The name New Dimensions completely reflects her holistic approach to coaching clients.  

Sharon is Author of 'A New Dimension To Ultimate Health' which is published and available on Amazon.  She has also written articles for local newspapers and featured in National Magazines like Slimming World.  Sharon has had several appearances on BBC Radio Northampton as a guest speaker, and for expert hour. 

You can contact Sharon directly at

Coach, Body Transformation Expert and Specialising In Personal Training Northampton.

My career began at 18 when I entered the fitness industry just as the leg warmers and leotards were gladly replaced with kick flares and crop tops… Just as embarrassing in my opinion!

After several years (16 to be exact) freelancing at the major health clubs chains in and around Northampton, I had my Aha moment… “Why am I driving from one place to another like a crazy woman?” – Personal training in Northampton needed something new.

6 months later in April 2014, New Dimensions Fitness Studio opened it’s doors and said hello to a different type of training that health clubs couldn’t offer.

A community of like-minded people that didn’t want to just be a face in a gym. Our ‘fitfam’ is a group of, mainly females, but with some men too, that are on a journey of better health, self-belief, increased mental fitness and part of a team that supports and encourages each other daily.

The studio is full of positivity created by the members and I’m so proud of each one of them individually for taking steps to better their lives.

Health and fitness do not have a destination, it’s an endless journey with highs and lows along the way. Success comes from taking the right road, being proactive and surrounding yourself with people who lift and inspire you each day.

Sessions at the studio are challenging and will push you to places you didn’t think were possible. However, you will become stronger physically and mentally as a result.

If you’ve had gym memberships before that you haven’t used and would like a complete health transformation or have just lost your mojo, please contact me here for a free transformation session,

My podcasts are about health, fitness and wellbeing and will feature a mixture of special guests, experts and sports professionals.   Listen in on your commute to work, on a morning run or while you're making your dinner!  The shows are full of information to help you live a healthy and happy lifestyle. 




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