6 Kettlebell Exercises To Strengthen Your Entire Body

If you want to change your shape, firm up, have joined a gym or are investing in some kit at home, you’ll certainly want to consider Kettlebells.

Not only will you generate more power, increase lean muscle and boost your metabolism, you will also improve balance and stability.

  1. Deadlifts – It’s so important you get this right.  Imagine tipping forward from your hips and taking a bow – well the deadlift s similar.  Your feet are shoulder width apart.  Hold the weight with both hands in front of your body and start to tip.  It’s important to remember to also push your hips backwards keeping your spine straight and the knees slightly bent.
  2. Kettebell Swing – Same stance as above.  Tip forward swinging the kettle bell though your legs and thrust forward with lots of power, back to your upright starting position.  It should be quite snappy and powerful with only a slight bend in the knees. Keep your back straight at all times.
  3. Kettlebell Push Press – Your starting position is like you would be for shoulder press.  Bring the kettle bell up to your shoulder, dip into a little squat and on the upward movement push the kettle bell over your head. I like to do this with different weights in each hand or 1 arm at a time so it’s uneven and more challenging for your core.
  4. Kettlebell Swing Clean To Press – One of my favourites!  It starts like a single arm swing and when you reach chest height, take the swing to your shoulder and push press it above your head.  Return to your shoulder and throw the kettlebell forward for the down phase of the swing.  Keep the core connected and control the movement throughout.
  5. Kettlebell Windmill – Targets your obliques, shoulders and strengthens your hips too.  Hold one kettle bell overhead and stand feet hip width apart. Bend at the hip and lower your horse to the side.  Keep the kettle bell over your shoulder slide your other hand down your leg towards your ankle.  Keep your spine and legs straight throughout.
  6. Get-Ups – My clients aren’t fond of this one, but for ultimate strength training it’s my favourite!  It works practically everywhere on your body.  Start by laying flat on your back with the kettle bell in your right hand, lifted up toward the ceiling.  Bend the right knee up and begin to twist slightly to the left lifting your torso up to a seated position.  Push into your left hand and lift your bottom into a sort of bridge position.  Slip the left leg in under your hip to kneeling and step up to standing.  Reverse the movement to lay back down.

You can view them in the short video below