National Diabetes Week – Simple Lifestyle Changes For A Big Impact On Your Health!

know diabetes

Did you know that in the past 10 years, the number of people with diabetes in the U.K has doubled? In fact, there are currently 4.5 million people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and it’s believed at the current diagnosis rate, by 2020 there could be as many as 6.5 million sufferers in the U.K.

This year National Diabetes Week (Sunday 11th June – Saturday 17th June) focuses on setting the myths straight. Contrary to common misconceptions, it’s entirely possible to live a normal, active life as a diabetes sufferer, and National Diabetes Week aims to spread that message loud and clear!

We all know how important it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This can be highly beneficial to Diabetes sufferer’s and can be particularly important to those who are considered high risk for the developing the condition, as sticking to a sensible management programme can actually prevent the condition from ever taking hold.

For those with diabetes, management of the condition is key to their overall wellbeing, and this in itself can be a struggle, which is why National Diabetes Week is so important in drumming up support.

Careful monitoring of diet and exercise are an integral part of day to day life. A healthy, balanced diet is important whether someone has Type 1, Type 2 or is at risk of developing diabetes, in order to help control blood sugars, manage weight and provide adequate energy and nutrition. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about what you should and shouldn’t do as a diabetic, for example,

  • Myth – All fruits should be avoided due to their sugar content. In fact, balanced as part of a sensible diet, fruit is incredibly important and delicious!
  • Myth – Diabetics will go blind. In fact, keeping active, plenty of exercise and maintaining a healthy weight the risk is low as this helps control blood pressure which is what causes the eye damage.
  • Myth – You should only eat diabetic foods. There are no such thing as diabetic foods! A healthy, balanced diet is the right choice for everyone not just diabetics!
  • Myth – Diabetics cannot play sport. In fact people with diabetes are encouraged to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping active can help reduce the risk of complications associated with diabetes, such as heart disease.  Steve Redgrave, Olympic gold medal-winning rower, has achieved great sporting achievements in spite of having diabetes

During National Diabetes Week, supporters are being encouraged to share their stories on how they were diagnosed using the hashtag #knowdiabetes and follow up with how they combat the condition with the hashtag #fightdiabetes.

I know It can be incredibly difficult to stick to a plan for diet and exercise without the complications that come with diabetes, nevermind on top of monitoring blood sugars and insulin.  National Diabetes Week is a great way to raise awareness of the additional support needed by diabetes sufferers and how understanding the condition, risk factors, and ways to improve day to day wellbeing can help provide for current sufferers and fight against growing diagnosis rates.

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