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Are You Ready For Summer?

The sun’s out, summer is on the horizon and, naturally, it’s that time of year when you think about summer dresses, tan lines, pretty tops and shorts and getting out more.  Like many of us, our beach bodies are still in hibernation mode from winter!  More sofa ready then surf […]

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Fitness Spotlight March 2017

After the weekend I’ve had, all I can say is today feels like the comedown from the high.  The combination of exercise, sweat, laughter, shenanigans and fabulous company was the perfect cocktail to a cracking Fitness Fiesta at Hinkley Island in Leicester. Despite not seeing daylight for 2 days, I […]

What ‘Diet’ Is Best?

Have you noticed how many programmes on TV are covering lots of different diets to bring you information on which one is best? It’s all petty confusing and consumers are left making a decision on either what suits their budget or how easy the change is to implement. So how do you […]

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