10 High Fat Instagrammers You’ll Love

Are you on instagram?  If so do you use it?

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I have a vast mixture of instragrammers that I follow, from my besties to fitness coaches, foodies, athletes and motivational speakers.  They all capture interesting pictures and it’s a real quick way of getting an insight in to their lifestyles.

After writing High Fat Diet: A Beginners Guide last week and highlighting the benefits of consuming lots of good fats, I want to point out I’m not the only lover of this type of nutrition and there are many others that have amazing life changing stories.

Today I’m recommending 10 of the best high fat diet instragrammers you’ll love to follow, starting with:

Abel James – The Fat Burning Man I came across Abel James podcasts a few years ago and felt totally in tune with what he was talking about.  His personal experience of following government guideline for good health actually made him fatter and ill.  This lead him to pursue lots of research into his own health and after starting a high fat diet he shed 40lbs in 20 days, lowered his cholesterol and corrected his thyroid issues.

Shawn Stevenson Another inspirational story about how he was diagnosed with an  ‘incurable’ illness of degenerative disc disease at the age of 20.  By changing his diet and concentrating on his wellbeing he reversed his condition without medication.

Dave Aspery The founder of the bulletproof diet and original butter lover!  As his profile says ‘butter is food’ and bacon lover!  Since reading his book bulletproof diet, I’m a converted coffee drinker and enjoy the famous bulletproof coffee (coffee and butter) each day.

Mr Avocado Man Avocados consist of fat and protein so if you want inspiration for meals containing these little delights then follow this account.  The pictures are mouthwateringly tempting.

High Fat Fitness Martina Johansson displays her health and fitness journey on her high fat diet

Highonfat Alaxandra posts are centred around the healing of her leaky gut which was fixed through a high fat diet.

Eatnourishlove a lovely collection of amazing nutty based recipes and chocolate.  Just looking at the gallery will make your mouth water.

Lucy Bee Founder of Lucy Bee coconut oil.  A delightful insight to coconut based recipes and personal lifestyle of heath..  Lucy’s products are organic support fair trade.

Avoandpb Lots of low carb high fat recipes on this account.

High Fat Health Keri Baker displays a lovely gallery of paleo and high fat diet.

So there you have it!  Remember you’re your own health guru and you know your body.  Experiment with what makes you feel good.