10 Things To Never Say To Your Female Fitness Trainer

I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty good sense of humour.  Always up for a laugh, dishing out the banter and prepared to take the flack too…. But wait.  There is a line and if it is crossed, be prepared for Satan to be unleashed!


female with tape across her lips


Don’t get me wrong, we are not taught to be evil during our education or as we gain our qualifications, far from it.  But ever so occasionally this inner gremlin wants to come out and play, so it’s only fair I give you the ‘heads up’ and reveal 10 things you should never say to your female fitness trainer…  Unless of course you enjoy the punishment and like ‘death from burpees’


  1. “I hate this exercise” ~ Chances are the reason you’re doing it is to bring you closer to your goal.  Chances are by saying this you’ll end up doing extra… Fact.
  2. “My previous trainer was better than you” ~ Big mistake, especially if you still want to live.
  3. “I don’t like the foam roller, it hurts” ~ Not as much as the concequences will hurt from not doing it.
  4. “I wasn’t sore from that last workout” ~ Not all workouts are designed to give you muscle soreness, so complaining that you don’t ache is like telling the dentist you’d like a filling without anaesthetic.  Be prepared to hurt after your next workout… a lot.
  5. “Can we cancel our appointment, I went out last night and I’m hanging” ~ School boy/girl error, especially if your trainer thinks you’re sabotaging your goals.  Even worse if you cancel 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  6. “I can’t do that” ~ Unless there is a medical or physical reason why you can’t do something (which your trainer will be aware of anyway) then never, ever, mutter these words – not even in jest.
  7. “Why do we always do push ups?” ~ You just got yourself another set, just for fun.
  8. “I want to look like him/her?” ~ That person has just completed their 5th triathlon this year and practically sleeps under the squat rack.  How about we just start with looking like you.
  9. “I’ve been really good today and only eaten an apple and some soup” ~ If you can’t turn up to sessions fuelled there’s no point attending.  Your nutrition is just as important as your training.
  10. “This isn’t working and I’m not making any progress” ~ Says the client who missed 2 training sessions last week and didn’t plan their meals.


Joking apart you should be able to be honest with your trainer and vice versa.  A lot of the time it’s our belief systems that really hold us back and are accountable for what we mutter.  My best advise is to listen to what your trainer tells you and if you have any concerns raise questions and ask for advise.

Trainers take their clients goals very seriously and there isn’t an excuse we haven’t heard.  Before you come out with any of the above or something similar, ask yourself if you’re doing everything that is required of you to move you forward.  Remember to be flexible in your approach if your plans aren’t going accordingly.

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