Spiritual Fitness

I spoke with a producer last week from the BBC regarding mental health and running.  They’re filming a documentary following people who are beginner runners, had experience of mental health issues such as anxiety, PTSD, post-natal depression and are willing to train for the London Marathon.  The series will investigate the impact of exercise on mental health and lifestyle.

I responded to this project because New Dimensions Fitness has 3 core elements (mind, movement and nutrition) which we cover through our coaching.  I want to help banish the stigma attached to mental health and stand along side awareness campaigns to show solidarity.

Mindfulness or spiritual fitness (as it’s now being described) has been surfacing for about the last 3 years and it may now just be seen as the ‘in’ thing to be doing.  The impact of meditation, positive thinking and training your mind to be productive is incredible.  You really can improve your mental health by practicing the above good habits daily.  Please don’t brush it off as unnecessary or not important enough because you’re too busy.  Just 5 minutes a day will make a huge difference to the way your brain functions.  

Another concept I’m discovering is ‘stories’.  These are created in snapchat and Instagram of the people we follow and are shown through a brief 15 second window.  More than ever before we have an insight into peoples lives and I think this is a great opportunity to show how positive actions can have a positive effect on us, especially if it’s people we aspire to.  This goes without saying for the opposite too – try not to fill your head with negative things or negative people.  Once they’re removed from your life you will feel happier and completely free.