Crazie Leggings That Stand Out

I cannot begin to count the numerous pairs of gym leggings I have owned during the last 2 decades in the fitness industry.  Many have survived and remain my loyal favourites due to fit, durability and comfort.  Sadly these ones are normally the black standard moisture wicking varieties and if you didn’t know me well, could be mistaken that I wear the same pair all the time.  (Fact is I own 5 pairs of the same brand and style.)

In reality I like my leggings bold and bright… a bit like a Christmas tree!  Combine this with practicality, stretchiness and the staying up factor and you’re on to a winner.

It just so happens that I came across local company Crazie Wear who are based in the village I live, Moulton, Northamptonshire.  Best of all, they make their gym leggings to your requirements and fit, so you can be sure each pair will fit like a glove (and you probably won’t see anyone else wearing them either!)

The material is silky, stretchy and supportive, and the patterns are pretty, bold and feminine.  They are very functional when working out and don’t slip down at all despite not having a drawstring.

I’m wearing Abstract Peacock Monocrome in the picture below and normally stick to colours I feel won’t show any embarrassing sweat patches.  However, given the material of these leggings it’s unlikely that will occur.

Crazie Wear is printed and sewn on-demand here in the UK. This means they make each item specifically just for you, so it’ll take a little bit longer than the High Street to get them ready and posted to you, but they’re worth the wait!

To view their unique range visit