Strong Not Skinny

When I talk about female weight training, some ladies scream with utter delight that they’re off the hook with burpees, while others have a vision they’ll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a dress.

I want to assure you neither are true… no-one is ever off the hook with burpees and you’d have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to look like him in a dress.

Over the last 8 weeks, members of New Dimensions Fitness Studio have been strength training in our Semi-Private Personal Training sessions.  This means no cardio exercise at all, just weights.  I deliberately set this goal so members were held accountable for their own cardio training, helping them build new habits for their lifestyle.

It was a real hit!  Members loved feeling the progressions of getting stronger each week and how their bodies have firmed up and changed shape.

More importantly when strength training, your bones, ligaments and joints become stronger too.  This is essential as we age to help prevent conditions like osteoporosis (weak bones) and metabolic syndrome (a cluster of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, excess body fat, and raised cholesterol.)

If you’re already a regular exerciser and not seeing the changes you desire, it may be a number of factors.  Ask yourself:

  • Are you lifting weights that are heavy and challenging?
  • Are you allowing enough recovery in between workouts?
  • Are you eating correctly to fuel your workouts and to assist in recovery and repair?
  • Are you sleeping enough?

If you’re not too sure, feel free to get in touch.  I’d be happy to help you understand it all a little more.

Alternatively you can find out more on my FREE webinar How To Get Lean