Avoiding Temptation during Chocolate-Fest Easter

So this week it is, of course, Easter! A time for family, reflection and celebrating “new beginnings” but naturally, let’s be honest, the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate and indulgence! Hot cross buns, lamb roast, simmel cake…. The list goes on. Every year the chocolate eggs are becoming more and more elaborate – Gin and tonic eggs top the bizarre list this year, alongside others such as a Marmite egg, and the standard purple wrapped eggs on great priced deals in every supermarket. With indulgence all around us it can be really difficult to keep our eyes on our goals. Healthy living isn’t about saying no to everything but to find that balance between treating yourself without swaying too far from the fitness path.

Resist Temptation At EasterTaking a step back to relax with your family on the bank holiday can refresh your mind and give you a chance to reflect on your goals. Beautiful spring weather gives you the opportunity for bike rides and sunny walks if you are taking time off your normal studio routine. It is great exercise and think about all that serotonin and vitamin D from the sun which gives you an amazing boost! (Sunscreen recommended of course!). Meals don’t have to be difficult, fill you plate with fresh spring veg such as spinach, asparagus and kale for healthy dose of antioxidants and helping avoid heavy roast potatoes or sauces.  If you are feeling inventive, Kale chips are great to replace carbs (a kale head, dab of olive oil and sprinkling of salt baked for 20 minutes). For a snack, try these amazing Paleo hot cross buns – they taste amazing, you won’t go back to shop bought buns again!  If you are really craving chocolate, opt for a brand with higher levels of cocoa solids. The richer taste means you won’t want to eat as much as you avoid some of the nasty fillers in “chocolate flavoured” eggs.

At New Dimensions Fitness Studio we have sessions on over Easter, so if you do find you’ve overindulged you can contact us to find out about our sessions and fitness programs. With Easter being a time for a new start, and now Spring is well and truly here, it is the perfect time to join us if you haven’t already, we are a friendly bunch and you will soon feel part of our family. Fitness isn’t a destination, it is a journey and adventure that we can work towards together!