How To Improve Your Diet Instantly…

Eating a healthy diet each day is as easy as eating an unhealthy one.  The difference between the two is down to the choices and options you give yourself.  For example, nipping into the snack shop at work is more likely to result in the unhealthy diet than if you were to plan and prepare your lunch in advance and take it with you.

The fundamental core value of losing body fat is burning more energy than you consume, ideally through reducing extra calories from food and drinks, and increasing calories burnt through physical activities.  This may make it seem simple, but practical and sustainable changes to fitness and nutrition require a confident, positive mental attitude, helped through proper support and guidance.  It isn’t all about hitting the gym and starving yourself, sustainable gains are managed in a way that set achievable goals, where week to week you can push a little bit more, an extra repetition or better form are tangible signs of improvement beyond staring at the bathroom scales.

Seeing improvements is one of the best motivators around and one of the tools I use to achieve these gains is Strength Training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  This involves short, intense bursts of activity, ideal for those with limited time, which, let’s face it, with children, careers, commutes or just crazy hectic lifestyles is most of us.

What we can achieve goes beyond simple weight loss and cardio health. It’s about feeling good about yourself, having higher energy levels, less illness, and stress levels being reduced. These are all proven to be resultant of positive changes to lifestyles and increasing physical exercise.

If that isn’t enough, there are plenty of other benefits. Increases in suppleness and mobility, firmness and toning and one of the unsung benefits, making friends and helping motivate others.

If you are struggling to find the willpower to succeed, or just need some cajoling and support, our online coaching programme Zero To Hero will kick start your journey.  The weekly motivational sessions, online modules, nutrition plan and home workouts are designed fit into your busy life.

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