No Excuses November

You’ve heard the phrase ‘it takes 21 days to change a habit”.  This theory came from plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz, who observed the behaviour of amputees and claimed it only took them 21 days to adjust to the loss of a limb.  From this study his logic of breaking or forming a new habit was born.  However, working in an industry where change in habits is required to give results, I can honestly say a little longer is required.

This 21 day period is more representable of having the willpower to start a transformation then continuing with enthusiasm and motivation.  The desire to be healthier, get fitter or lose weight are superficial goals and often the catalyst for change.

So why do many people relapse or return to old habits?

Quite simply because they haven’t worked on changing their internal identity of themselves.  For example, believing you are unattractive, fat or a failure at succeeding in your goals, means if you do not address these thoughts or beliefs, you return to this state of identity once motivation fades or willpower ceases.

Working on your personal identity is paramount when you are creating new habits or breaking an old one.  Once you get the mind shift (which normally occurs around day 60) your chances of successful sustainable change is increased.

Working on this task daily means doing things that are uncomfortable like making a list of 10 things you like about yourself.  I understand this won’t be enjoyable or come naturally, but learning to love and appreciate the person you are is just the beginning.

To help you get going with your mind shift, I’m setting a challenge starting next week – No Excuses November.

You weekly challenges will consist of mindful exercises, a group coaching call each week and access to our private Facebook group.  Best of all it’s completely FREE!

To gain instant access register to join our daily greatness Facebook group here and complete the pop up questions.  Please invite your friends too if you feel they would benefit.

Come a try the challenge if you want to see how effective having a strong mind is to excel your physical training.

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