Knee Pain & ITB

Our runners who are taking part in the Sport Relief 1000 mile challenge are beginning to feel the stress through their knees, leading them to mistakenly think they have a knee injury, however in most cases the pain stems from a piece of connective tissue called the ITB (iliotibial band). It starts at the crest of your hip bone (Iliac) and runs down the side of your leg, attaching under your knee on the shin bone (tibia).

In most cases the problem can be rectified by rollering the sides of the legs on a foam roller, but it can put runners out of action for weeks if left untreated. To identify whether you have an ITB issue, bend your knee to about 45 degrees and if you feel pain on the outer part of your knee then it’s most likely to be ITB trouble.

If you have a foam roller, take a look at the quick tutorial video below of how to effectively roller it.