Obstacle Event Training Tips

With Tough Mudder, Rock Solid and other obstacle events coming up this summer, it’s time to start upping your training!

Here’s my top 5 training tips to help you train for your event:

  1. Run! In most of these events you’re only running for a short distance of a few miles so short distance training (5-10k) will be sufficient. Add sprints for variation and to help with speed and increased recovery rate.
  2. Strength training with movement and variety. Include as many bodyweight exercises as you can (press ups, pull ups, planks, lunges, commando crawls etc) also wood chops, kettle bell swings and clean & press. Don’t neglect grip strength it’s essential for the monkey bars and climbing (include farmers walks & deadlifts)
  3. Stability and single leg training. Think skaters, agility ladders and single leg squats. Use the TRX to add jumps to single leg work and add the bosu and stability discs for lunges to help improve joint stability and balance.
  4. Add  to your weekly training schedule. These type classes normally include partner work so they’re perfect preparation.
  5. Core strength is vital especially for crawls and climbing. Your core muscles include your glutes so make sure you’re not just working your abs alone.