Newsletter 10th May 2016

I had a lot of response to yesterday’s email with regards to the slimming world syn thing! I don’t know if you’ve ever come across this kind of conversation with slimming club friends or relatives but it reminded me very much of the characters from Little Britain. I’m glad it tickled you and made you laugh!

On a serious note though, the focus at these types of clubs is on what the number on the scales says. It isn’t an accurate enough indication of health, yet so many people are obsessed with it. I think scales serve a purpose for tracking progress but that’s all they’re used for.

Let me give you a better example.

I have a female client that’s in her 50’s, very fit, does triathlons and strength training, is 5ft 4ins tall, weighs 10 and half stone, body fat is 25%, muscle mass of 34% and has the waist of a wasp. In my professional option there is absolutely nothing to fix here. Her nutrition is spot on with meals, pre exercise snacks and post exercise refuels. Yet during a routine medical the outcome of her BMI was obese! The message is wrong and has been for a long time.

Not all my clients are athletes and many are on a journey to transform their health and lifestyle, so I use the scales to monitor body fat, water. lean mass (muscle) along with keeping a food diary. Rather than sit in a room and openly discuss our 2lb loss or why it hasn’t moved this week, I’m able to advise clients of whether water or body fat has dropped. If it hasn’t we can address what was different this week and resort to the food log to give me more or an insight. From here a strategy for next week can be created and implemented.

Programmes that allow crisps, chocolate, cereal and sugary yogurts each day aren’t doing enough in educating their members on food choices. Even worse to advertise ‘free foods’ as eat as much as you like because these don’t count towards intake is completely the wrong message.

Two of the best tips I can give you for successful fat loss and better health is to keep a food diary. You will reach you’re goals faster, stay on top of emotional or stress eating, less likely to veer off track and learn more about what the food you eat does to your body and how it makes you feel. Just by writing down everything you eat and drink each day with give you an 80% higher success rate.

Secondly, stop eating when you’re 80% full. Really, do it, listen to your body not the fat fighters coach that says you can have 2 more syns that day if you want. Feed your body good, healthy food and it will responded in the most incredible way

Don’t believe me? Try it, you have nothing to lose… only fat!

I know it’s confusing so if you want to know more you can purchase my ebook for the latest up to date research and information including a fat loss plan for only £9.98 (The online purchase will add vat initially just then remove it at checkout)

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Tough Mudder Is Near
It’s under 2 weeks until our team of 18 takes on Tough Mudder again. There any many team members who’re new to this obstacle event and feeling the pressure slightly but all is good and the team have trained well. We have started to take some sessions out side now so really getting the benefit of different terrains, temperatures and environments.

Stamina training, strength endurance and short running distances remains key to our workouts at present along with preparation to carb load before the event.

I’m so pleased for each member stepping outside of their comfort zone this year and facing fears to achieve a goal they never thought they could do.

Anything is possible.

And Finally…
Thought Of The Week ~ ““Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind the memory of any unpleasant thing that has passed.”