Newsletter 19th January 2016

Here in the UK the temperatures have dropped to freezing over the last few days and many of us had some of the wonderful white stuff at the weekend. I love the snow personally as it’s filled with childhood memories of sledging, snowball fights and building snowmen, all of which I enjoy again with Charlie. But how does the snow and colder temperatures effect your outdoor training? Have you ever considered the the impact of these elements? Below are some useful tips to consider when you step outside to train on these winter days.

The most important thing to consider is frostbite and hypothermia, therefore your choice of clothing is essential. I would suggest layers then you can remove gradually as you become warmer. This method is better than going out with too little on as a shivering body is going to pull blood away from the skin to keep warm effecting your performance.

The above advice will help to avoid a cold injury as you’re preventing heat loss. The more layers between your skin and the outside air the better. Try to choose clothing that removes the moisture from your skin like dry fits or other lightweight synthetics. Avoid wearing cotton as this hangs onto water and sweat and takes longer to dry.

Once you’re warm and the layers are off, be aware of the windchill. Higher winds increase the cooling effect on bare skin.

Know your terrain – this is especially important if you’re running/cycling in snow. Remember your visibility is reduced and hidden dangers like curbs and other snow covered obstacles.

Hydration – just like you need extra in the summer, you will need extra and those colder session are just the same too. Your sweat may evaporate quicker in colder temperatures so you may not have a clear indication of how much fluid you’ve lost.
Fitness Motivation
So 3 weeks after making resolutions to be fitter, healthier, to lose weight, gain muscle and so on… How’re you finding it? Do you still have the same enthusiasm or are you finding old habits creeping back in?
If the answer to the last question is yes, ask yourself how you can implement your new behaviours to stay. Maybe it was because you didn’t set a goal that was specific enough or because you’re not noticing any changes.
In my professional opinion you should feel different when embracing a new training programme within one week. If you aren’t feeling any changes at all then look at what you’ve been doing. Have you committed to exercise but haven’t altered your nutrition? You can’t out train a poor diet…. Fact.
Have you exercised frequently enough? Consistency is the key.
Have you worked out hard enough? Sitting on a bike reading a magazine isn’t going to give you noticeable results. Yes you’re burning calories and increasing your activity levels but will it strengthen your muscles, joint and bones? Not like weight bearing exercises will. If you’re taking the time to exercise then choosing ones that will benefit you long term and are functional to your daily living. Squats are a perfect example of this. You need to be able to squat so you can get on and off the toilet each day…. It’s well known fact that the majority of elderly people in care homes can’t do this by themselves. That’s a reason right there to squat!!

Seriously though if you’re struggling to know what to do exercise wise, are confused by healthy diets and need coaching to keep you on track, our VIP Body Transformation programme is your solution. If you would like to apply for a Free Body Transformation session, just click the link below.

Free VIP Body Transformation Session

Here’s some feedback I received from a client last week that’s completed the 12 week transformation programme.

“Before I joined new Dimensions Fitness I felt uneducated and unable to find the diet and exercise lifestyle that was right for me. I felt unhealthy and uncomfortable with my body.

Since joining the VIP Body transformation programme I’ve lost around 7lb, accumulative loss of 25 cm from bust hips and legs. My quality of life has improved a lot. I feel more comfortable with my body and felt better in my clothes. I feel more energetic and am likely to and look forward to doing more active things.

I really enjoy the semi private PT sessions. There are different challenges all the time, I like going outside in the summer, giving more variation. And I like the encouragement given in the sessions. They are always challenging and I always come out sweating!

All the help and questions needed are readily available whether it’s a quick question or more detailed information. And Sharon and Tina are very knowledgeable. I am glad I have found NDF. Sharon is a great coach and very personable. The classes are great and suit my needs, ie times location. It is also very flexible in terms of membership. Despite having to take a break I have received the same support which has been great.”
Alternatively if you want to exercise at home just subscribe to my youtube channel and take advantage of the free mini workouts available.

YouTube Workouts

There’s still an opportunity to jump on our 30 day January detox. It’s still available to purchase and the online support group will keep you motivation.

30 day January detox
And Finally…
Thought Of The Week…
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”

Dr. Seuss