Newsletter 12th January 2016

Many thanks to all of you who have submitted questions to me in reference to my ebook. I have a number of similar topics that have been raised which tells me there are still some uncertainties and confusion when it come to nutrition and exercise. If you haven’t completed the short survey but would like to you can do so here. I am going to get started on writing the ebook this month and will let you all know when it has been published.

One subject that has been raised a lot is how to eat clean as a family and keep costs to a minimum. I will be covering this in more detail within the ebook but to give you an insight on this solution I have the following tips;

1. Try to buy in large quantities food that will make stews, broths, soups, frittatas, pot roasts etc. You can bulk them out with wholegrain rice, quinoa and lentils if necessary. I had a load of carrots that needed using so made a carrot and coriander soup today that took 30 mins from prep to bowl. It will be stored in the fridge and reheated for lunches. You could also separate into containers and freeze them.

2. Shop around – Especially for your essential things like eggs. I always pick mine up from the butchers. They’re free range and cost £1.20, you’re looking at £2 in the supermarket. Alternatively many village farms will have eggs and other produce for sale with an honest box next to them. Worth doing as lots of this produce is home grown without and pesticide or chemicals.

3. Meat/Poultry – Buy the whole bird or bigger portions and cut down yourself. You could get 2 -3 meals out of a chicken. First roasted, 2nd the leftovers in a salad and 3rd use the carcass to make a broth and add a heap of veggies.
Look out for special offers at the supermarket. I recently bought a side of salmon for about £8 and it did us 3 meals buy cutting it into fillets. Much cheaper than buying individual packets of 2-3 fillets in.

4. Stagger how you buy your food and try to stock the cupboard with the foods you’ll add to meals. For example, one week buy your bigger bulk meats/fish/poultry and portion down, 2nd week buy your bulk rice, quinoa and nuts etc. It’s a better way of spreading the cost.
My last tip, go into the world food isles in supermarkets. You will get some cheaper buys on nuts and oils in particular coconut oil!

Subliminal Messages
I love this powerful mind coaching technique. You really can switch the way you think buy programming your subconscious mind to be more positive and productive. I have used various techniques this month and the one I’m focusing on at the moment is flashing text appearing on my laptop screen. It’s appears every 5 seconds for 100th of a second so it’s not completely visible to the eye but enough for your subconscious to register it. Why am I doing this? Partly, because I’m easily distracted so I feel I could manage my time better and get more things done if I was focused better. Plus remember the goal setting task from last weeks newsletter? Well one of my goals was to learn more and write, therefore, I can only achieve this if I have time and no distractions. If it proves to be successful it will be a very valuable tool for all my clients, but before I fully endorse a product I like to test it for myself first.

Summer Challenge
Last year we set some physical challenges and completed 2 obstacle races. We’re all booked to do them this year too, as well as walking up Snowdon. I have been looking at routes and plan for this to take place over a weekend in June. More details to follow about signing up and booking!

Vitamin C Boost
We often think of oranges and citrus fruits to boost our Vitamin C levels – they do as well as broccoli, kale, yellow bell peppers, kiwi fruit, strawberries and tomatoes.
Here’s 2 ways you can add citrus fruits to your meals.
Grape fruit is fab with watercress in a salad paired with fish.
Thin slices of lime (skin on) with salt and mint added to brown rice
And Finally…
Thought Of The Week…
“The future is NOT something we enter. The future is something we create” – Leonard I. Sweet