Newsletter 21st June 2016

It’s officially summer and I’m hopeful for good weather this weekend as we take a trip to Wales to walk up Mt Snowdon. Myself and 8 members are starting with the Velocity Zip Wire to warm us up on the Friday…. To me it the next best thing to being an adrenaline junkie but without the fear factor of a bungee or parachute jump. If you’ve never heard of Velocity then checkout their website here. It’s the longest and fastest zip wire in Europe! I’m going to wear my gopro and will feature the footage in next weeks newsletter.

The following day it’s up early to climb Snowdon. We’re heading up the Pyg Track and down the Miners. I choose this route as it’s rated a 5 on difficulty levels and fear factor. I wanted us to have a challenge but not be too fearful… We’ll save that for Tough mudder in September!

I will be posting some some spectacular views on Instagram and Facebook so feel free to follow me or like our Facebook page (the links are at the bottom)

During my absence I have Natasha Lazarus-Wells covering the sessions at the studio. Natasha is friendly with a lively personality who’s passionate about fitness and working out. She uses exercise as an energy release to bring her into a happy place. Her favourite exercises are tuck jumps… I’v seen them, they are impressive I must say! And her least favourite exercise are bear crawls… This surprises me – I thought everyone liked them?

Joking aside, to the members booked in this coming weekend, you will be looked after!
30 Day Fit & Healthy Jump Start
We kicked off the new 30 day online programme yesterday and have a structured plan for the next month.

I put this challenge together to make EASY for people to get back on track with their health and fitness goals. I know how difficult it can be to try to make health and lifestyle changes on your own (and with the recent success of the 7 Day Healthy Habits) it shows that being plugged into a community of people that share the same goals is really beneficial to helping to achieve them.

I’m also there to help you every step of the way.

The focus on the 7 day healthy habits challenge was to implement new habits that were achievable to maintain. The bonus of this is better health and wellbeing and some weight loss too. I think 5lbs was the record in 1 week!

The 30 Day Fit and Healthy Jump Start continues on from that with more resources to plan, access to recipes, grocery shopping guide, how to read food labels and weekly PRIZES!

It isn’t too late join us, so if you want to Get Started Now you can! The final date for registration is today. The next one will start in September.
Jump Start My Health TODAY!
Home workouts
Are a great way of keeping on top of your fitness without a gym membership, or for in between sessions.
The one I’ve posed below is equipment free so you just need some space in your lounge or even in the garden.

1 minute workout exercises
And Finally…
Thought of the week
If you plan to wake up tomorrow, plan for it.”
― Saji Ijiyemi

Have a good week,
Love, Sharon