Newsletter 28th June 2016

As the last week of June approaches and Wimbledon commences, the halfway mark of 2016 has rocked up and so far so good.  Since our road trip to Wakes last weekend, I think I an speak for us all and say we had a really fun packed time and eager to book another one.  We are considering Ben Nevis, combined with some white water rafting???!

I have enormous respect for the group who took part last weekend.  We were all at different fitness levels and took the hike at our own pace, helped each other with bags, shared our snacks and water, most importantly, laughed…  a lot.  Thankfully, with the country’s historical referendum result, it couldn’t of been a better timed event.

Making It Happen

I’ve never really been an adrenaline junkie, (the members can vouch for this during our Zip World experience) but when I opened the studio, something inside changed me… Like I was slapped around the face and told “you’re a big girl now” 

I wanted to help people achieve more than they’d ever dreamed of, witness it and be part of it.  Imagine training for a goal, reaching it then setting another… How many new experiences, friendships and self belief could you gain?

Well. it all starts with a single step.  Deciding you’re going to do something doesn’t cut it, it’s the action you need to follow though with your decision that will take you to places.

If you want to be part of a unique group of people and experience some life changing events you can apply for a FREE Transformation Session, worth £99

Just click HERE to start your application. 

5 Weight Loss Myths

There is still this belief around that low fat, reduced calories and meal replacements are the only way to lose weight and be healthy.  I want to dispel these theories by explaining myths and the facts, from research based on science.

  1. Eating Saturated Fat Clogs Up Your Arteries ~ No evidence to suggest this is fact.  What we do know is eating medium chain triglycerides like butter from grass fed cows and coconut oil, helps increase the production of bile from the Liver.  The more bile you produce, the more it aids digestion.
  2. Counting Calories In And Calories Out Isn’t The Solution ~ Counting calories and matching the activity you do isn’t the best measure of what you actually require each day.  Your brain can use up to 25% of total calories intake, but rarely taken into account.
  3. Low Fat Isn’t Best ~ When low fat foods were first introduced, the choice was to replace the fat with either sugar or protein.  Sugar was cheaper and tasted better than protein therefore the choice was easy.  Sadly, these types of foods are exactly what will make you put weight on.  Sugar consumption encourages he release of insulin, (your fat storing hormone) where as eating fat has little or no impact on the secretion of this hormone. In order to lose fat, you have to eat fat.
  4. Eating Carbs After 6pm Is Bad ~ This always gets blamed for weight problems.  It’s not the time of day you eat that causes weight gain, it’s what you eat!  If you’re not eating enough in the daytime, chances are you’re going to be very hungry come 6pm.  Consuming a family size bag of crisps while dinner is cooking isn’t ok whether it’s 5pm or 8pm.  Mindful eating, planning and preparation is key to avoiding sugar crash cravings.
  5. High Cholesterol Fears ~ Cholesterol is not a fat, although it travels through the bloodstream along with fats and it’s found in the fatty parts of foods.  It’s not true that a lot of cholesterol in the blood causes heart disease. It’s actually the result of LDL particles depositing cholesterol inside artery walls, and that happens because of inflammation.  A typical diet with processed foods high in vegetable oils, consider changing your routine and eating higher quality foods


And Finally…

Thought of the week
“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” ~ Nelson Mandela